Use The Swing Copters Cheats To Score High


Swing Copters is the predecessor of Flappy bird. This game is capable of stealing the patience of the player. Controlling the copter, the orange little guy wearing a propeller hat, is not going to be easy.  The copter will turn to the sides unless you will not tap the screen to switch the directions. Hence, you will have to guide the copter through the girders and the swinging hammers.

Swing Copters is not an easy game. If you have played it even once, you will know how hell annoying the game can be.  With some Swing Copters cheats, you can make your gauntlet survive.  If you think you cannot achieve high score then with these cheats, you can achieve more than that. Here take a look at them:

Settle into the rhythm

A tapping rhythm can help you steer through the mallets and other obstacles. It might take a little time to develop a rhythm but once you have it, it will help a lot. Just tap as quickly as possible and dial down the speed one by one. There must be consistency between the taps.


It is not much of a big cheat, but keeping clam is important. If you sit back and relax while playing then you are likely to perform better. Do not take the game on your nerves. That is not going to help, as you will simply smash the copter.

Play on a bigger screen

Playing on a bigger screen actually helps. If will let you have better control on the game with your hands. You can take your time to reach and to make the next tap for swaying your copter through the gaps.

Stay in line

Staying in line will keep your copter safe. Otherwise, he will just get hit by the swinging hammers. This is going to be an imaginary line that can be called the safe zone where your copter will not get hit or smashed by the obstacles.  Simply move the line when the girders on the screen twist and turn.


If you are playing Swing Copters on your iOS device, then you must try the jailbreak for once. It is simple. You simply have to install iFunBox in your computer, plug in your iDevice, and search for a file. Go to library and then preferences and you will find a file named com.dotgears.swing.plist.  Open it and edit it by changing the value in the high score line. Choose the value that falls in the category of integers.

Swing Copters cheats can be used for hacking a high score. It is not a game meant for people, who lose their temper, instead, with these tricks and cheats, you can make through the obstacles.  At least you will get to brag about how you made it through the girders and mallets to achieve a high score.

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