iPhone 6 Features That Travelers Love


The Apple iPhone 6 boasts many different features that are intended for the modern day traveler. From the extended battery life, to the amazing camera, Apple wanted nothing more than to make your iPhone 6 the best companion during your travels. Whether you fly internationally or domestic, the iPhone 6 may be just what you are looking for when you take off to visit the Great Outback, the Coliseum, the Eifel Tower, Big Ben, or the Grand Canyon. No matter where you go or who you go with, now days your phone should be able to withstand the adventures that lay ahead.


One feature that travelers will love with the iPhone 6 is the camera. Apple has upped the ante with an improved camera that will allow you to take sharper and clearer photos, which is a must when you want to send photos back home for your friends and family to see the adventure you have had throughout the day. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus camera is still an 8MP camera, however they have added sensors which improve stabilization and clarity to your photos. This is what helps you obtain the sharper image that you have been waiting to see from your cellphones’ camera. It also has the ability to shoot videos in slow motion at up to 240 frames per second, this means that you won’t miss the action if you are experiencing the Running of the Bulls in Spain.

Battery Life

Another excellent feature that is offered from the new iPhone 6 is the extended battery life. Apple has improved the battery life through the use of the iPhones’ A8 processor which offers better power management, this means that swiping through your reviews or maps won’t drain your battery and less pit stops to charge your phone. The iPhone 6 promises 25% longer lasting battery power on 3G when browsing than what is offered through the 5S. And for even more long lasting battery life, the iPhone 6 Plus promises even more than the iPhone 6.

Better Durability

But that isn’t all, the iPhone 6 as also been upgraded for a tougher design that is meant to make it more durable than previous iPhones. Apple is now using an ion strengthened glass for the screen to allow the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus able to cope with the punishment and possible accidents that come with traveling the globe. No more worrying about your phone shattering if it falls from your pocket while walking the streets of Paris or Rome.

Traveling Apps

Another wonderful feature that Apple has released for the iPhone 6 is the superior travel apps which will make your experiences that much better. Apple has set a new benchmark of travel apps that keep the competition fresh between the iOS platform and the Android Market IOS 8. These apps include more enhanced photo editing and HomeKit integration providing you with more control over connected security. But this is just a taste of what Apple has in store for travelers.

Apple Pay

Finally, Apple now offers their own smart wallet, making paying for things during your travels that much safer. Apple Pay can be used to make contactless payments using the iPhones Touch ID fingerprint sensor to authenticate the payment. They have already connected OpenTable for restaurant bookings and Uber for private cabs for the Apple Pay integration. This will remove the need to pull out your wallet to pay for your purchases and risk your information getting out. This could also be useful when you are purchasing cheaper flights in the airport during your travels as well.

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