Staying Safe When Using A Mobile Elevated Work Platform


It is hard to deny that working at heights brings with it a great deal of risk. Not only are falls from height one of the most common causes of workplace fatalities, accounting for almost a third of all deaths in the workplace, but working at height is also likely to offer far more complications and require far more focussed safety gear than almost any other type of work.

When high winds and falling debris are taken into account, there are many ways in which one could become injured when working at height and in turn there are many precautions to take, from ensuring those working at height have the best possible training to allow them to do so safely to making sure that you find high quality and secure safety gear and work platforms.

One of the easiest and most secure ways of working at height will be to use a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP). These will not only make it easier for people to access certain elevated areas but they will also make it far easier for individuals to carry out work without serious risks, offering a safe and secure platform from which to carry out specific tasks, with many additional safety features included such as guard rails and restraint belts.

However, using a MEWP will not in itself ensure that your workforce remains safe. Instead, you will need to make sure that those using such platforms feel confident and comfortable doing so, knowing all the risks involved with elevated work, and that the MEWP hire company you choose is extremely reputable, offering machines that will be regularly checked to ensure they remain perfectly safe.

Once you have found the right company, it will be important to carry out certain checks before workers are allowed to use the machine, and even before you choose which specific MEWP is right for you. Whether those charged with using such a machine have used them hundreds of times before or are looking at using one for the very first time, a risk assessment of the job in hand will be equally as important, and to ensure that workers stay safe such checks will be vital.

Firstly, be sure that the MEWP you hire is suitable for the job in hand. Will it safely reach the height in question? Will you need stabilisers for work on less even sites? Whether or not the MEWP in question will be able to deal with adverse weather is also extremely important to bear in mind, as will ensuring that any specific obstructions, restraints or working conditions are taken in to consideration before you choose a specific platform.

Finally, always be sure that those using a MEWP have been trained to the highest possible standard and that they are in a fit state to operate such machinery. Always be sure to check with a hire company what licences or training might be needed to operated specific elevated platforms as it may well be that the laws governing the use of a MEWP and a truck mounted access platform are very different.

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