A Roundup Of Some Of The Very Best Headphones Available On The Market At The Moment, Including The Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear


Headphones have the power to completely transform audio content. Good quality versions can be a pure delight to use, while shoddy products can leave their owners disappointed and frustrated.

These days, it is simple for people to buy excellent headphones. By heading online, they can peruse a whole range of options and should be able to find versions that perfectly suit their needs and preferences. While in cyberspace, they can also take a look at the variety of audio cables on offer.

Decisions decisions

To help them gather their thoughts when it comes to buying headphones, consumers can get reading. For example, a recent Expert Reviews article highlighted some of the best products currently on the market.

It pointed to the Philips Fidelio M1BT, describing the product as “one of the best sounding headphones we’ve heard for less than £200”. It added: “These high-quality aptX enabled Bluetooth headphones have a rich, bassy sound. Although there’s lots of bass, the headphones’ overall sound is clear and detailed at all frequencies. The on-ear headphones’ build quality is light, comfortable and sturdy, to boot.”

Expert Reviews also lauded the Onkyo ES-HF300. About this offering, it remarked: “The design might be a little too restrained for the fashion-conscious, but we think users will be impressed with the sound quality. The balance between high end, mid-range and bass is excellent, and the removable cable should mean they’ll last far longer than the competition too.”

Another product to receive praise was the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear. The article described this offering as “stylish”, adding that it benefits from the “high grade audio quality we expect from Sennheiser’s premium range”. It went further to state: “Cheaper and lighter than the full-sized Momentum cans, these are the best on-ear headphones we’ve ever heard. They’re incredibly comfortable and have great sound quality, with a prominent bass that nonetheless doesn’t overwhelm treble and mid-range detail.”

Sennheiser’s other Momentum headphones were also identified as a good buy. These items were described as “beautifully made” and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They also offer superb sound quality. Summing up these items, Expert Reviews suggested that while they cost a lot of money, their impressive sound quality justifies their price tag.

At the top of end of the price scale for in-ear headphones, the PhonakAudéo PFE 232 were described as “nothing short of brilliant”. They contain a pair of balanced-armature drivers that offer detailed sound without any loss of bass or low mid-range. The products also feature sound-isolating ear tips to block out external noise.

Saving up

Rather than rushing into buying the first headphones they can afford, many consumers opt to save up their money so they can invest in more expensive and better quality versions. While this approach does require some patience, it can prove to be a savvy move. After all, impressive headphones can transform the listening experience and they are also likely to last for longer.

To check out the headphones, high end audio cables and other items available, people can head online.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written widely on the topic of audio equipment for a range of top sites, including the Cable Company.

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