Protect Your Business Privacy With Anonymous Hosting


With the evolution of internet services, businesses have started creating their online presence to attract more customers by offering them the convenience of shopping. Along with this positive use of technology, many negative points are also associated, where the internet is used as a threat to several businesses. With this, a concern has been raised among several business owners regarding the privacy and the security of a business along with that of its customers. Many business owners have made a shift to the offshore hosting, where a business is hosted at an offshore location, instead of the home country of the business owner. This type of hosting is associated with some drawbacks like your business data might be misused in the hosting company due to an insecure hosting or other reasons. So, in this case, business owners going to move to an online business have an option to go for anonymous hosting.

An Introduction to hosting anonymously

This is a process of gaining a provision for a web space to host a website over the internet for a person or a group that is willing to remain completely untraceable and anonymous. With this service, you can host either a single file or a website or a complete network of sites related to your business, along with getting your true identity concealed behind a fake one. Thus, this makes it more difficult for a hacker to find the true owner and attack his/her privacy. However, the level of privacy obtained with this type of hosting depends on certain privacy policies of the hosting company, where some hosting service providers might leak the true information in some unavoidable situations.

Different options available

Largely, there are two types of hosting services available offering anonymity to the website owner. The first one demands the true information from the site owner for maintaining records, but keeps it hidden from the online world. This type of hosting service is associated with the risk of getting the data leaked, in a particular situation, with or without the consent of the hosting service provider. The other option covers the service, where fake owner information can be registered easily, which isn’t verified by the hosting company. This option offers a complete anonymity, while you might need to spend more money to get more security and privacy over the web.


There are a number of benefits for a business owner with the anonymous hosting of their website, out of which, a few are discussed below.

  • You can host your site with fake information, where the right information is not demanded by the hosting company. This is beneficial for business owners, looking for a protection from an identity theft or any legal problem.
  • Along with the highest level of privacy, this hosting type offers a higher level of security from threats posed by cyber criminals.
  • Although the domain is registered anonymously, yet the owner has a complete control over the server, website and related activities.

This type of hosting service plays a crucial role in the protection of identity and prevention from online threats for several entrepreneurs running an online business.

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