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Auto business is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, with participants earning billions each new day. If you have been keeping up with the latest developments in the auto industry and you are interested in having your own business in the auto business but you do not know the viable business idea or opportunity to seize. Then all you that you need to do is to bury your head in this article, since it is going to kick start your journey to multi-million business. As it gives you the best automotive business ideas, that could turn you into a millionaire in a very short period.

So let us not waste time and look at some of the best business ideas in the auto industry.

1. Vehicle assembly business.

  •  Instead of venturing into full vehicle manufacturing, you can as well venture into auto assembly business.
  • This business, unlike full scale auto manufacturing, requires less capital and you can as well stick your band on every automotive that you assemble.
  •  You can choose to specialize on assembling small vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles.

2. Vehicle manufacturing.

  •  This is the most lucrative auto business you can venture in.
  •  It is capital intensive and requires that you have a solid source of capital.
  •  If you are well endowed with capital, then you can enter into it this business and start up an auto manufacturing plant for earth moving equipment, cars, trucks, trailers or caterpillars.

3. You can become a car dealer.

  • If you have enough capital, you can become a car dealer you any country by buying a car dealership certificate of the countries you choose to service.
  • You do not have to start with a big car dealership business, as you can kick off with a small car dealership shop by importing and selling small used cars.
  • This venture is interesting as you can open an online selling portal and diversify your market.

4. You can import auto spare parts.

  •  Vehicles are machines which have so many movable parts that require regular servicing and changing after working for some time.
  •  You can therefore, import and sell spare parts of different vehicle brands and make good money off the vehicle owners.
  •  This business is cheaper to start, as it is not capital intensive like the one mentioned above.

5. You can begin a vehicle detailing business.

  •  This business involves services such as polishing, cleaning and waxing vehicles.
  •  It requires thorough cleaning of inside as well as outside of the vehicle, including underneath and engine of the car.
  •  Normally auto detailing is done on vehicles for reselling purposes to increase their outlook and value.

6. Start up a car parking center for cars in congested towns.

  • Instead of directly dealing in manufacturing cars and selling vehicle parts, you can choose to offer parking services at a fee in towns that are perpetually congested.

7. You can start up an auto review blog and help car buyers in making choice

8. Startup oil changing business for vehicles.

Finally, you can offer driving school services and help people get provisional driving licence.

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