Different Types Of Driveway Alarm Systems


Driveways are an important part of any property as these let visitors enter your property. In simple words, driveways show the way of entrance into your property to those coming from outside. Since driveways act as entrance point to anyone coming to visit you or your property therefore it is very much important to get driveways at your property installed with some sort of alarm system so that you may be alerted whenever anyone comes to your property through the driveways.

For this purpose, specially designed driveway alarm systems are available that help in detection of anyone or any vehicle coming to your property. These are Infrared Driveway Alarms, Metal Sensing Probes and Rubber Air Hose. There is specific mechanism associated with different types of driveway alarm systems which helps in accomplishing the task of alerting the house or property owners about those entering the property. Let us now explore different types of driveways available for this purpose.

Infrared Driveway Alarms- It is such a Driveway Alarm System that helps in detection of movement or motion of people walking on the driveway.  It also helps in detection of the moving vehicles or anything that is in motion such as an animal or any other object on the driveway, yard, entrance etc. It is a sort of driveway motion detector or driveway motion sensor as it helps in detection of anything which is in motion on the driveway.

Metal Sensing probes- These are the type of driveway alarm systems that work on the principle of magnetic metal detection. Under this system, the detection of only metal items in movement is detected at the place where these are installed. As an instance, the metal vehicles are detected with the help of these driveway alarm systems when the vehicles pass by it. In this case, detection of moving living beings such as people and animals is not possible. It is mostly useful at commercial places.

Rubber Air Hose driveway alarm system– It is such a driveway alarm system which helps in detection of the weight of vehicles moving over them. It is quite beneficial where there is frequent snowfall as its activity is not disturbed due to snow or ice. The rubber air hose is not blocked or disabled due to snow or ice. Such a system is used for detection of movement of heavy vehicles and where detection of people and animals is not required.

There are wired and wireless driveway alarm systems. In the former type, the driveway sensor and the detector are both connected via wires whereas in the latter type there is no need of wires. In wireless driveway alarm system, the entire unit works on the basis of remote control. But both these serve the same purpose. The only difference is the ease of installation. Wireless alarm systems are quite easy to be installed whereas wired alarm systems need installation of wires all through the pathway.

Keeping in view the unique security needs of the concerned property, you may install any of these types of driveway alarm systems for your place and remain assured about its safety and security.

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