Improve Customer Engagement With Mobile App


Musing on having a Mobile App to automate your online business? Don’t postpone this idea because now is the right time for this to happen.

Right now is a chance to make the most profits from this new trend.

When as Entrepreneurs you are running a business operation you require to remain focused to survive the competition. That requires that you position your business in a way to make the most of the new and growing marketing trends. The future is always uncertain but Mobile marketing is here to stay both today and in the coming future.

Growing Mobile Phone Users Numbers

If you already know the statistics you are lucky. Otherwise you should know that mobile phone users who are also, online buyers have their devices inside 3 feet of them throughout the day till bedtime? Simply imagine the volume of business you have in front of you. Your business is already on the smart phones of your potential customers 24 hours in a day, around the year.

Simply speaking this is a world of opportunity that is standing at your doorstep. Moreover, you won’t see a more powerful marketing tool than this, to attract the minds of your potential audience.

If we take the example of any other online marketing medium, for instance, email marketing. The response rate of this tool is abysmal. Also, the open rate is averaging at about 9%, if you have an ultra responsive e-mail inventory. Opposite to that the text message provides an open rate of 97% in a short span of a few minutes.   

That means push message looks amazing. Simply check how you use a smart phone, and then review mobile behaviours of your friends, colleagues, neighbours, and the world around you. You will get the picture.   

Customer desire is that a “Brand” should come with an app they can play around, using their phone.

There is always a question in the mind of a business owner: “For what reason should I have mobile apps for business?” The following couple of reasons provides the answer:

Establishes customer faithfulness. Everybody wants to be a part of anything that is special. Make the potential buyers feel like kings through deals, discounts to them if they use your app.

Lets your content go viral. Urge potential customers to use your mobile app to rapidly pass on your marketing message, to people they are friends with, or work with by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking websites that they often use.

Make a list of customers. An app can collect names and email addresses from specifically inside the application. Then the generated list can be quickly forwarded to any, email marketing campaign service for later use.

Track the performance. An application lets customers share reviews, write comments, share pictures of your product, services. This helps in getting feedback to know how well your business is doing.


The final review is that by having a mobile app, you allow your business to interact with your existing customers and improve engagement with target customers.

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