What Are The Advantages Of Samsung Galaxy Over Other Smartphones?


Samsung Galaxy is very popular amongst all the masses. In Fact, they are responsible for stealing the hearts of millions of people. And what’s more, the trend is going on the same. Every time, a new Samsung Galaxy is launched in the market, it sells like hotcakes. Here, we are talking the most stylish and elegant features of Samsung Galaxy:-

  1. By launching S-Voice initially, Samsung Galaxy starts the voice recognition just after the initiation of the S-Voice. The Samsung Galaxy will carry on with the equivalent action after it has acknowledged the voice command.
  2. Simply stop thinking about having your contacts in Samsung Galaxy.  It takes time to send the similar SMS. On the other hand, the contacts app enables you to make use of a single tap and communicate with all of them within seconds. It is significant to know that you can control and store contacts from sources, like Google account and social networks in Samsung Galaxy S5 Contacts application.
  3. You can connect your Samsung TV to your Samsung Galaxy. The first one is the sharing of screen and the second one is smartphone notifications display on the TV screen. The easiest way to connect Samsung Galaxy S5 to the TV is to choose “Quick Connect” selection from the Notification Panel. After this, simply select TV and tick on “Register TV”. In order to discover the features of this helpful connection, just hit again on “Quick Connect”.

There are also other simple methods to connect these two of your preferred devices:

  • Miracast allocates transfer of your smartphone screen to the TV in seconds. In the event, you don’t have a smart TV that holds up Miracast, you can get a Miracast video adapter. After you setup the device on your TV you can carry on with Samsung Galaxy listing.
  • You can set up Chromecast on your TV and join from your gadget to this helpful device in order to stream almost apps, such as Youtube and Netflix.
  1. In case, you like to be active, it is good to start paying attention to your health and daily activities.  If you are already active, you can perk up your physical shape with the assistance of S-Health, an all-in-one partner in remaining healthy. This app stands with the Samsung Galaxy S5 is your personal trainer, and takes good care of your health. To begin with, you have to fill in your personal information and then search all of the app’s core features. You can easily follow your performance by utilizing the wide range of Samsung trackers. Samsung Galaxy has established itself as the very aggressive smartphone with hi-tech features touching the cutting edge. They promise and commit to augment the quality of everyday life.

The above given information will help up in knowing the best features about Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You can know the methods to take advantage from your Samsung Mobile. As a matter of fact, this Samsung smartphone is not an ordinary smartphone. It comes with a lot of indistinguishable features.

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