Should You Cover AC Units During Winter?


As winter is approaching, most people have this common question whether to cover AC units or not. Covering AC outdoor units after the summer seasons becomes the heated debate in the field of HVAC for years. Of course, there are many reasons to cover the air conditioner in winter and it is not just that but also many different aspects to consider. Normally, the AC units are built to withstand the heat, rain, and snow, however, it is quite difficult to keep out of seeds, leaves, nuts, insects, and others. So, you can conveniently buy AC covers to best protection during the fall. Normally, when seeds or leaves get into the air conditioner, it would collect moisture then causes corrosion. In fact, it also blocks moisture drainage in the system that has built in. There are both advantages and disadvantages on both sides about covering the AC units during winter. Here is the final recommendation that could help you to get an idea. LG AC is known for its benefits such as cooling faster, runs quieter, and lasts longer.

Advantages Of Covering Air Conditioner:

  • Covering AC units keeps air conditioner coils little cleaner and it is helpful to run little efficient
  • Prevents the heavy debris such as branches, sticks as well as other yard waste into AC unit
  • Covering AC units helps to prevent water from resting directly on coils as well as freezing units

Disadvantages Of Covering Your Air Conditioner:

  • During winter seasons, environmental temperatures could cause the small animals to choose the warm places to live. Normally, covering the AC units would provide the tempting place to animals and small animals could chew on the unit wiring for bedding. It would lead to expensive fix of the important parts.
  • Covering the AC unit could also trap moisture with efficiently creating high humidity environment when the environment is hotter. Under moist environment, wiring connections, electrical windings, and circuit boards could also cause more problems.
  • AC manufacturers do not recommend covering outside unit specifically
  • Covering the AC unit is not necessary according to the experts. When you like to cover the AC units for keeping the debris and dirt, then you could find simple debris piece in the top that could fit perfectly. In fact, it is quite inexpensive and it could easily keep the debris, and leaves, moisture and animals away.

When To Cover Your A/C:


When you like to cover air conditioner to keep away from the dirt then it is the best choice. When the AC unit is on, it sucks air in and could bring in the dirt. When your environment is dusty and debris then covering the AC unit is recommended.

Snow, Ice, And Cold Weather:

Generally, the Outdoor AC units are built to withstand harsh weather conditions that could eliminate the need to cover.


Moisture can freeze condenser coils of air conditioner that could easily damage over time. There is no way to keep 100% moisture out of the time but you could cover the unit appropriately for avoiding future problems.

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