How Have We Changed Due To Technology In The Last Ten Years


Ten years ago nearly everything was more peaceful, docile and at a distant. You needed a plan for everything, even to get a message out to your friend or to buy a house in the posh neighborhood. It was all difficult till few years back.

Back then there was a scope of error in work and editing it and making things right. Not anymore. It is a perfect world with perfect smart people; their ideas which can turn into reality and they have know-it-all websites in their palms which never fail them.

Given below are some ways in which life has changed drastically in the last ten years.

Social Networking: It was a genius of Mark Zuckerburg to think of an idea like Facebook. It has changed the way we stay in touch with our loved ones, talk to our friends, and boast of our achievements. You can just post a picture on your wall showing you at the entrance of your new flat in Pune now and the entire world of your will flood you with congratulatory messages mostly online and some offline. With the advent of Twitter and Instagram, this phenomenon has just become bigger.

E-Commerce: Nearly everything can be shopped online from a parker pen to a property in Noida. It does not mean that this point talks about just Amazon or Flipkart. It also covers the travel bookings, software purchases, and renting of flats in Noida or any of your favorite spots in the world. The convenience of buying anything and everything in your pjs with the power of plastic money in one hand and smartphones/laptops/tablets on the other has made this industry worth more than Rs.90, 000 crores. Most of this happened in the past three years only with increase in marketing by various e-commerce websites and buying power improvement of the consumers.

Power of Media: This has seen a rise in India in the past few years only. Till 10 years back it was limited to newspapers, radio, and television. But now media is everywhere. The online presence of all these media companies has made it possible to access news items, serials, and live shows accessible to one and all. Media is no more defined by these companies but by the people. Smartphones, social networking websites, personal blogs, and websites have made it possible for the latest information regarding even a drop in temperature by half a degree to reach the remotest places of the world.

Smartphones: In the end it all comes down to the touch screen phones lying snug in our pockets. These are the real reason why the entire world has changed drastically in these past few years. Smartphones are a revolutionary innovation. They have been the reason why shopping online has become so frequent or why facebook is full of posts all the time. It is about accessibility here. In this world today nothing is distant, no one is far, and nothing is hard to get because of this hand-held, easy to use, and inexpensive device.

These are a few things which have changed us and this world in million little ways. No matter where technology takes us from here, one thing is for sure we still would always want a beautiful home in rich suburbs, would wear the best of branded cloths and eat at the fanciest of restaurants.

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