5 Top Tips To Increase The Performance Of Your IPhone 5


Has your iPhone 5 been acting a little sluggish of late? Does it take your iPhone as long to open a webpage or application as the old dreaded dial up Internet connection used to take to open up the Internet on your home computer? You’re not alone! After a period of use, it is actually pretty common for an iPhone to become sluggish. Having said this, there are some things that you can do to quickly increase the performance of your device.

1.    Close down unused webpages that are open.

Viewing a webpage or performing an Internet search on your iPhone 5 will usually lead to another webpage opening up in the browser. Think how many webpages you view and web searches that you perform in any given week – probably hundreds!Each webpage open on your device is draining the memory on your phone and ultimately draining the performance of your iPhone 5.

2.    Update your operating system.

You may be a little weary of upgrading to i0S 8 as you’ve probably heard about the several pros and cons of doing so in the media. It will definitely take some time to get used to the new operating system, but upgrading is always worth it in the end. When you purchased your iPhone 5, you did so not just to avail of the preloaded technology, but for the future updates to software that can further increase the technological benefits of your device. The price of a device reflects the need for on-going Apple updates and maintenance, so be sure to update your operating system as Apple release newer versions.

3.    Check available storage.

Realistically, your iPhone 5 will require at least 100 MB of free storage to be consistently available in order to run smoothly. Take advantage of the iCloud and store all your much-loved images and videos in the cloud rather than on your device, as they can take up a lot of memory. If your device is acting strangely and web pages are crashing, it’s usually due to a lack of storage space on your device. Your iPhone is simply unable to perform at its best without adequate free storage space.

4.    Uninstall unused apps.

Following on from our last tip, the amount of available storage on your phone will reflect the performance of the device. Apps tend to clog the most amount of memory on any device, and many of us are guilty of having a phone that is loaded with apps that we simply never use.If your iPhone is acting up and you’re looking to get it working again, fix Apple now, an iPhonerepair store in Miami could potentially help you if you’re not sure what needs to be done. It’s well worth having a purge of your apps once in a while, uninstalling every app that you do not use on a regular basis before you take it to be repaired to rule out app related issues.

5.    Perform a regular hard reset.

Your iPhone 5 is, after all, like any other computer, and therefore it is liable to be infected with viruses from time to time. If, after trying the four aforementioned tips, the performance of your iPhone 5 is still quite sluggish, try performing a hard reset. Go to ‘General’ and select the‘Reset’ option from the menu, then click ‘Rest all Settings’. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your files by doing so, but you may need to reconnect to any saved Wi-Fi networks.

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