Cubot S308 Black Smartphone Review


The most important factor one considers when buying a smartphone is, the CPU. So to make your life easy, Cubot has launched a brand new, full of features smartphone named Cubot S308 Black.  Supporting full HD playback on a large IPS screen, it becomes a smart choice for a music lovers, gamer and any other user. With its great features it also becomes the smartphone for social media.

A large number of smartphones are being launched in market every day.Cubot as a growing telecom manufacturer is always introducing new smartphones now and then. The market is filled with millions of smartphones, and many more are being launched every day. But to find a perfect match for a person might be a difficult task. Here is a detailed specification and review of the latest release from Cubot.The manufacturer is organizing Cubot smartphone carnival, where you can get any of its devices at much discounted price.Cubot S308 is one of the beautiful android devices which come with a number of great specs. The device is powered with Android 4.2 codenamed as Jelly Bean. The operating speed of any smartphone comes from its CPU. Cubot S308 is built on top of a powerful Quad Core processor made by Cortex.

The processor is also coupled with 2 GB of primary memory to avoid any lags or freezes during your entertainment time. Multitasking is another feature added by the great combination of processor and memory. For a great storage purposes the phone comes with 4 GB internal memory.The Cubot S308 comes with IPS display and with a HD recording and playback. With its Mali 400 GPU and 5” inch big screen is really a great for HD playback, gaming and reading purposes. Any lag between playing games could easily ruin it, but on S308 every new game will run smoothly. There is a link included at the end of the review.

A pair of high quality cameras also adds a great feature in the S308. A well placed 8 megapixel cameras at back providing you with high definition images coupled auto focusing and flash light features to capture every moment. To take distinctive and high quality selfies and video chat with our loved ones, 5 megapixels is installed at the front. With these high quality cameras pictures and videos capturing will a lot easier than before.

Another thing about this phone is, like most of other. It is network unlocked and supports a four band 2G GSM network and for blazing internet connectivity a 3G WCDMA SIM slot is provided. This is a great Choice for your mobile upgrade or first buy. As it is a next generation fast phone in budget. It is on top of recommended Cubot mobile phone list.

Cubot Promotion for its new S308 was a great deal as the phone came with an offer during the country wide Cubot Phone Big Sale. Released during the Cubot event, this smartphone is the main attraction in the ongoing Cubot Anniversary Sale.

Here you can buy Cubot S308 Black at £99.99.

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