GoDaddy Hosting – A Definitive Guide


Whether you’re looking for news, communications or entertainment there’s one place that you can count on to find what you need – the internet. Despite the fact that it was originally just a means for the United States Defense Department to centrally store and catalogs their important information, the Internet has since gone on to become a tool impacts almost every aspect of public life.

Businesses thrive online and so do private individuals. While the large corporations have companies that they turn to for their online endeavors, companies like GoDaddy offer hosting that helps make online business accessible to the general public. Another point to keep in mind is that Godaddy offers coupon codes like on this website.

Before moving on, it will help to have a basic understanding of website hosting and how it can help you achieve your online goals. To make it simple, when a smaller creature lives off the resources of a larger creature, the bigger creature is known as a “host”.

Similarly, your smaller website – including all of your website’s files – is hosted by a biggersite;otherwise known as a hosting server. The host provides you with all of the tools and information that you need to maintain your website’s online presence. It’s a process that is bothsimple and affordable.

When it comes to purchasing hosting, there are several options. For instance, you can choose betweena one-time annual paymentor perhaps you can opt for a lower month-to-month feebasedupon your financial preferences. Whichever option you go with, just remember to keep track of your renewal dates and login information. In fact, it might even be best to choose the auto renew option so that you never have to worry about your website going down because you forgot to make a payment.

Of course, in order for the public to know how or where to access your website, you will first need to get a domain name. Perhaps you’re asking yourself what is a domain name. This is the online address of your website. In fact, it is very similar to a physical street address. For example, a physical business might be located at ABC Street, Anywhere, USA. Whereas, aa domain name or website address might be

Although domain names are not permanent, they are yours as long as you continue to pay for them. Typically, you reserve or register them for a year or more. Just remember that when it comes to hosting a website and purchasing a domain name that the more add-ons you select the higher your monthly or annual bill. So before you choose an upgrade, be sure to evaluate whether you really need the item or not.

Finally, when registering a domain with your hosting provider, there are different types of URL “endings” or domain TLD’s to choose from. “” is the most preferable since it’s the most well-known and generally comes up higher in the search engine results. “” and “” are also very most popular. The good news is that GoDaddy can help you navigate your way through the entire myriad of options. So the next time you consider starting a website, go to the folks who know the web – GoDaddy!

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