Where To Get Karaoke Downloads


Pub entertainment of some description is a growth business these days, as the licensing trade fight to keep pubs open and need attractions to keep clients coming through the door.  Karaoke nights are very popular and karaoke downloads can be made to provide the backdrop for your event, providing you adhere to the terms and conditions.   Karaoke nights have been popular for many years, and there are ever increasing opportunities to get your voice heard… for better or worse!  In Japan, it is common practice to have musical entertainment at a private function or even a dinner party.  The Japanese drummer Daisuke Inoue saw the potential for a machine like a tape-recorder to play songs which were played on a paid basis.  He was often asked to record his performances so people could sing along.

The development of the karaoke machine has revolutionised the pub and club entertainment industry and now, with the technology available via the internet, it is possible to do karaoke downloads for your own use.  These can be in a number of formats – MP3, MP4, CD+G and DVD.  It will depend on the format of your output machine as to which one you use.  You can download songs to your laptop, i-pad or even your desktop.  Songs downloaded to a mobile unit are most popular, so that music can be listened to on the move at any time of night or day.  When you think of the old fashioned ghetto blasters which were de moda in the 1970’s and ‘80s, technology has moved on apace, and now it is not necessary for everyone to listen to songs you like as the music blasts out in public…. They might not!  Whatever your musical taste, whether you fancy singing along to Barry Manilow or Dire Straits, you will be able to find a karaoke download to suit you.

There are many web sites offering karaoke downloads.   You can search for your song on line by song title, artist or album code, pay on line and download all in one easy and seamless action.  The quality of karaoke downloads can vary, so only use a web site you trust.  You may know people who have done karaoke downloads from specific web sites who may be able to advise you, and recommend one above another.   Some karaoke sites are not bona fide and the quality of the output once you have downloaded the song may be questionable, or even unusable.

It costs very little to do a karaoke download – just the cost of the connection and a couple of pounds per song.  It is important that music is not pirated as artists often complain that their royalties are being affected by people downloading music for free.  This hardly seems fair when it is their experience, knowledge and talent which has created the song in the first place.  Always respect the artist above all else when you are doing a karaoke download and make sure you pay.

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