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What do we mean by the “Condition” of a used phone?


There are all sorts of reasons why buying a used or second-hand smartphone is the best option, recommended for buyers of all ages regardless of the device they are seeking. With manufacturers like Apple and Google bringing out new devices and upgraded models on a regular basis, the modern technology and smartphone industry breeds waste – while buying second-hand prevents a device from going to landfill while also saving you money as a customer.

When buying a second-hand or used phone, there are however things you need to be aware of and track in order to protect your purchase. One of these is the condition of the device, which we are considering for this blog through the lens of a used iPhone 13.

The conditions available through reputable resellers

With the resale market exceptionally saturated by models and devices of all ages and conditions, knowing what you’re getting for your money is key. If you make the decision to buy your used phone through a reputable reseller, then the chances are that you will be presented with at least three conditions to pick from.

These conditions affect the price of the device and the user experience – however, it’s important to recognise that condition is generally very much focussed on the exterior, and that all devices sold are in good working order as a market standard. The only internal aspect which is connected to the condition of the phone is the battery percentage – with customers able to invest in their own new battery separately if they wish.

What this means is that if you’re not worried about the exterior condition of the phone, then you might be happy with a device which is ranked “Acceptable” or “Good”. The “Excellent” condition is one which is sold like-new, which has a previous owner but no obvious signs of wear and tear or usage.

What else to look for alongside the condition of a smartphone

It’s not just the condition of a used phone that matters and that you should focus on before parting with your money. The colour and amount of storage available are important to most buyers, as is the network access – and whether or not the device has been locked to a specific network. If this is the case then you will be unable to use any other SIM card that’s not connected to that network within the smartphone, making this a crucial feature to ask about or research before purchase.

How to make sure you get the best possible device for your money

With so much to think about, is buying a used iPhone or smartphone worth the hassle – and how can you get the most for your money?

Our biggest tip is to always buy through a reputable reseller, as they will have spent time refurbishing the device and will only sell smartphones that are in good working order. These companies tend to also support green and environmental initiatives as a result of their business model, making them future-proof and worthy of the spend.

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