Promote Your Business Through SMS


The short messaging service also popularly known as SMS was much useful before a few years when the basic cell phones were in use. With the entry of smartphones this usefulness dropped to a considerable level, and now it is used by the marketing experts to promote the business of the clients. It is also used by many other organizations to inform the clients about various transactions.

Bulk SMS does mean in simple words to convey a huge quantity or amount or volume of short message service or SMS or can be said text messages at once. Bulk SMS does function in the same manner as you happen to send out SMS or text messages with the help of your phone but bulk SMS are put forth by using the internet bringing in use a dependable bulk SMS gateway.

Open rate

It has come to fore that at least ninety percent of SMS do get opened and then read by their receiver within an average of five seconds. It may appear very surprising, but as it is matched up to the open rate of twenty percent of email, it is highly outdoing. It is necessary to state the fact here that all such twenty percent of emails that happen to be opened do have the average time of opening nearly about forty-eight hours. Consequently, in case you desire to ensure that your business promotional messages are viewed by a large number of people within the marketing database, you must opt for bulk SMS service.

Cheap cost & higher ROI

All kinds of outdoor advertising tend to be too expensive for almost all midsized or small businesses in the form of television commercials and advertisements in the newspaper. On the contrary, it is the bulk SMS that has got inexpensive set up as well as operational expenses due to which campaigns are able to be launched and carried out incurring very small costs as compared to other forms of traditional methods. With the help of bulk SMS, you are able to develop contact with thousands of clients just in seconds only.  Due to its low price and good returns, this bulk SMS type of marketing makes an important tool related to modern SME.

Quickness and versatility

All business shall be prepared to give a response to the changeability of fluidity found in the present day business world because adaptableness and versatility are main factors to give a response to this altering market. Because of the ability of virtual zero lead time found within bulk SMS kind of marketing, it is possible to create campaigns and then put forth in the direction of the audience under target with minutes only. You are able to make use of it in driving footfall or sell all previous stock before getting a new one. You can take services of free promotional SMS offered by some companies that puts your business in a position to instantly react to the events taking place within a day or to answer your competitor’s campaign immediately.  

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