All About Business Telephone System


What are business phone systems?

business phone system can be described as advanced calling network or multiline telephone system that is designed to improve communications for small as well as large businesses and everything that lies in between. These systems are designed to handle the indifferent requirements of businesses. They handle various operations like customer service calls and call routing to get calls to the right person.

Business telephone systems have the more than that of a typical residential telephone service.

This kind of system is generally used in business environments and also in the encompassing systems that ranges from a wide variety of small systems of key telephone to the larger ones.

Most desirable features of Business telephone system

Following are the most appreciated and useful features of the business telephone systems:-

Multi-line phone systems

These phone systems are the ones that allow several lines to run through the same unit, helping the operator to pick each phone number individually or send calls to the voicemail. This feature is basic that makes it highly desirable for many small businesses and large ones too. There are a variety of business phone systems, a simple 2-line phone systems constitutes of separate telephone units that allow more than one person to be on a call at the same time. There is a more complex 4-line phone system model as well. It lets even more people to get connected through calls simultaneously.

VoIP Phone systems

VoIP is the short for “voice over internet protocol”. VoIP system has many phone lines connected. This system helps the users in taking different calls, simultaneously at the same time without facing any problem. Whenever you go to buy a small business VoIP system, one inevitable feature should be noted upon and that is integration with other systems that your organisation already uses. Out of all the benefits that Voice over Internet Protocol gives, the unique advantages of VoIP service is that it endures no problem in linking with systems like CRM software.

Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud phone system helps you in taking your business’s infrastructure off-site, it handles routing of call and signal processing. It works on a low monthly charge, that makes it a cheap and convenient option. By being budget-friendly, it helps in gearing up the growth of business. A Cloud phone system can either be a h PBX system, or there are chances of it being a VoIP system.

Cloud phone system offers you a variety of advantages in the business sector. Out of many advantages, here are few of them:-

  1. a) Cloud phone system is totally off-site which helps in saving office space and other costs,
  2. b) A third-party server hosts it and so your business people don’t need to worry about its maintenance. The third party company will take care of that.
  3. c) Cloud phone system is more easily measurable; hence, the virtual office you own can grow as per your needs and requirement.

Many companies including Mightycall and Ooma are offering efficient phone systems. However, it is highly recommended to compare for best results.

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