How Does Housing Android App Help Users Find The Right House?


Android app developer Northampton has created many apps recently they created a property search app for Android platforms which has been designed to help people find properties while on the move. This app has been designed for the android mobile devices and utilizes all the features of a small screen to effectively present search results. However the app does not merely allow searching of properties. It also allows users to view and compare selected properties and even enter property details for listing or purchasing purposes.

How to use the app?

This android app has been designed to search properties and therefore incorporates all vital resources available on its parent portal. However, it also leaves out many details because they cannot be optimized for small screen.

To explain how the app works better, let us take an example. Suppose a person is looking for flat for rent. Such a person opens the app and the first option on the interface allows this person to select the city. One does not have to type in city name. Instead the option to choose the city is available in a drop down list. Once the city is selected, he can then choose a locality from a drop down menu. The next screen presents the option to Buy, Rent, PG and Agent. Tapping on ‘Rent’ presents a map of the locality where only the houses on rent are highlighted.

These houses are initially marked in a cluster. This helps reduce the clutter on the small screen. Only when this person zooms into the screen is when the individual property markers resolve themselves. Tapping on the property marker brings up the property details.

There are numerous filters available on this screen using which the properties can be filtered according to their age, carpet area, available amenities and more.

The Property Screen

The property screen is single page that consists of photographs in the top section and all the property specs in the lower section. The photographs marked “verify” display property as it is. These photographs are not doctored and are taken by real representative. One can swipe a photo to move to the next.

Almost all the other property details are listed in mere words. In one word, this page describes the details of all available amenities. They may include the commuting services, swimming pools, gyms, number of rooms, age of the property etc.

The Lifestyle Index of the property listed just below describes objectively how good or bad a property is to live in. This score is calculated using numerous factors which have been identified as the ones that affect the lifestyle at a house. Therefore this rating between 1 and 10 helps a buyer assess whether or not he/she should consider the purchase.

Once a property has been assessed, the end user has the option to shortlist it by tapping the ‘shortlist’ button on the top of this screen. In case this person has more questions, there is the button marked ‘Call Seller’ at the bottom left of the screen. Tapping this button allows the interested party to call the seller and resolve the queries then and there.

After talking to a bunch of 1000 people, these people reviewed that they were having errors in other app but this app is flawless and has been designed for mobile devices and the makers have been successful in creating an efficient app in the process.

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