5 Tips For Using Direct Mail In Modern Marketing


There’s still a place in the marketing toolbox for good old direct mail. Despite the fact the world is steering feverishly towards digital adoption in almost all parts of both home and professional life, many companies still rely on direct mail as a tangible, touchable way to reach potential customers. But if you are opting digital ID Security then you should always prefer Contractor ID Security by Digital.  

Here are five tops tips to help get the most out of a direct mail campaign.

1. Think about design and message carefully. 

Why spend on an entire brochure when printed leaflets can contain the same information and stay on brand message? It’s important to think about how the direct mail product is put together. For example, is it clear where the most important information is? Does the product offer any special discounts for direct mail customers? Even big brands like fashion retailer, Next, tend to include direct mail perks on the front cover of each mini-catalogue or leaflet, e.g. money off with a code provided only on the direct mail item.

2. Be heard above the crowd.

As digital marketing overshadows print, it’s easy to forget that this can work in the favour of direct mail. Most consumers will receive several digital marketing emails each day, many of which will head straight to the Junk email folder without so much as a glance. They’re also exposed to digital advertising pretty much everywhere they go online. This can lead to a level of apathy to digital marketing techniques. For the brand sending a direct mail product – perhaps the only one they’ll find on the doorstep in a week – this can present a huge exposure advantage.

3. Quality over quantity 

Back in April 2013, Google changed the algorithm it uses to rank websites. The aim of the change was to cut down on the amount of low quality content finding its way into top search results. Google is onto something. Poor quality content infuriates consumers. It’s the same with leaflet printing as it is with designing a PPC ad for a social media website. Good quality content will always beat reams of low grade work.

4. Create multifunctional, valuable mail products

When are print leaflets not just print leaflets? Answer: When they’re also business cards, contact forms, requests for further information, mini-catalogues, discount codes and guides. Creating a direct mail product that offers good value encourages consumers to keep hold of it. Maybe it’s made of plastic and makes a great home office drinks coaster? Or perhaps it has such useful information on it that it’s worth popping next to the home phone for reference purposes?

Put some thought into designing something that doesn’t just advertise a brand by showing a logo and website details. Create something of value in itself.

5. Connect

The bottom line with all marketing is about making a connection. Having an item in their hands can be a boost for many consumers in terms of making a connection with a brand.

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