Essential Tips To Maintain Laser Printer


Your laser printer is an essential hardware for both your home and office. You do not want to run to a local printing house to get a few important pages of your work printed. So a laser printer is very useful. But if you want to maintain your laser printer for a longer time and keep it in functional mode, you need to follow some easy and vital tips.

Print Head

The print head is the first part that accumulates dirt and dust over time. At least once a month you need to clean the print head. For this, you need to remove the cartridge and then clean the head with warm water. Avoid using alcoholic substances to clean it. And make sure you dry the print head completely before putting it back together.

Inside Parts

There are various laser printer parts that need proper and regular cleaning. One should not wait till your printer gets layers of dirt and dust. Always use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the dirt. You can also use a mildly moist cloth to remove the grime. But one should be very careful in cleaning the inside parts as too much pressure and rough handling may disrupt the smooth functioning of the printer parts.

The Hood

Once a month lift the hood of your printer and see for any broken parts or other types of issues that might occur. Advanced laser printers these days have an inbuilt system to diagnose the wear and tear of any parts in the hood. Therefore, you need to be careful and pay attention to the self-diagnosis report to prevent serious damage in the future. You can also buy a printer maintenance kit that will help you to effectively clean the fan and other delicate parts.

Proper Refill

Refill cartridges are always a bit expensive. Therefore, many tend to buy cheap ones. And this is the biggest mistake you would do. A branded refill will keep your machine in good condition without causing any harm to the internal parts. So you should not compromise on quality. A cheap quality cartridge may impact badly on the printer and you will get low-quality printing. It will only give you faded printing most of the time.

Know About Cartridge

Make sure you read the manual clearly before you replace the cartridge from your laser printer. You may have a clear knowledge of how to remove a cartridge and then use a new one. But if you make some kind of the wrong move and touch the bottom of the cartridge, the ink may get spoiled. Also, you need to check your cartridge so that you know it requires replacement. You should not wait till the ink completely dry up. A dry cartridge may give rise to certain damages.

Keep It Turned Off

When it is not in use for longer period keep your printer turned off. A printer with power on generates heat that causes wear and tear.

If you are using a printer for some time and had no clues how to keep it clean and maintained, these easy steps will help you surely.

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