Brand New And Best Android Phone


Here is the good news for the African mobile freaks. Now the best and brand new android phone comes from own smartphone factory, the first ever mobile manufactured in Africa.  Whatever it is ‘food from mom taste better and forever’. The smartphone manufactured from Africa for the people of the country is just like that. The phone comes with all the rich features of android to give the users with simple, superb and fresh experience. Here are some of the amazing features of first ever locally made android phone of Africa.

Customization as per convenience

It is your phone and hence it should be truly yours. This is what Mara Phones, the first ever mobile phone manufacturedon the continent, assure to the mobile users. The phone can be easily customized as per the personal comfort and convenience of the users. The phone assures the best in speed and performance for everyone who uses it. This best android phone is supported with Google assistant to assure the best experience out of it.

Cinematic sound experience

The phone is gifted with 5+1 Dolby sound system to give cinematic sound experience to audios and videos. Enjoy the real thrill of using a smartphone wherever you go with favourite songs that come out with powerful and crystal clear sound. The mobile assures the best in any of the audios and videos that you listen and watch online and offline through multiple platforms.

Better security

Phone security is one of the most important factors to consider since it is something personal for its users than just a communicative device.  None of the users like others to make unnecessary usage of the phones for any of the reasons. The brand new own smartphone of the country comes with better security features like facial recognition and fingerprint sensor. This assures best in security and convenience in usage by unlocking the phone with a look or touch to the phone.

Gorilla glass

The phone is made with HD Corning Gorilla glass screen that is light in weight, super thin and damage resistant. The screen brings a real feast for the eyes with its incredible visual quality and immersive experience gifted by a crisp and sharp display. It is the screen that gives fantastic look for every smartphone and Mara mobiles have just made it simply amazing to attract most of the eyes that search for a beautiful smartphone in Africa.

Fresh local recipe

This is what makes this mobile so hot in the mobile market. This phone is made in Africa and is set ready to storm the global market. It is rich with all of the innovative features that are inevitable to hold the heartbeat of the smartphone lovers. The rate is really competitive and surprising since it comes from the first ever phone manufacturing unit of the country.

Update the phone

Now it is your time to update the phone. Try the best android device made to enhance and enrich the lives of people of the people of Africa. It is attractive, amazing and affordable; and above all, it is a product of Africa!

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