Why You Should Trade up to the HTC One


There has been a lot of buzz online in the months after the release of the HTC One, often dubbed ‘the ultimate phone’. So, is it finally time to trade up?

The One has been on the market for some time now, so there will be no shortages of handsets at this stage, unlike the demand that there was in the early months after its release, when it was like gold dust.

So, is now the time to trade up? We would suggest it definitely is.  The One will go down in history as one of the greatest handsets ever crafted. Every single feature of the physical handset has been expertly created, from the brushed steel finish, to the front facing speakers (which actually add to the good looks of the phone, rather than take from it), to the impressively large screen (measuring just under 5 inches).

Add to this the screen resolution, which in full HD (with a pixel density of 468PPI), and you have a display which equals or even exceeds the best on the market. HTC has been innovators when it comes to mobile devices, and the One is no different. HTC set out to ensure the One was an object of desire. With this in mind, a 4 megapixel camera was implemented in the device, to ensure the best possible pictures could be captured. Now, 4 MP might not seem like a lot, but HTC has come up with a way to make these images appear as if taken by a camera of 13MP. It’s like magic, and has to be seen to be believed. This tech is called Ultra Pixel, and is bound to be implemented in a lot of future phones.

Now, you may already be thinking of trading up, and selling that HTC Desire S already. But wait until you hear this! HTC wanted to ensure that the One was as future proof as possible , and to make sure this was possible, they included an absolute animal of a processor. Sporting a quad core Krait 300 CPU, with 2GB of RAM, this is one phone that is not lacking in power in any way. So, when it comes to multitasking, the One can do it all. In fact, in benchmarking tests, the One comes out on top of all comparable phones in its class.

With all that power, HTC wanted to ensure there was ample battery to copy with these demands. So, they implemented an absolutely gigantic 2300 mAh battery into this phone. This is over 1000 mAh than is usually found in smart phones. So, the HTC One can keep going, all day long, for even  the hardest user. So, internet browsing, listening to music, video playback, all are well handled and means you don’t need to charge your device half way though the day.

So, is it time to now trade up. Without a doubt. The HTC One is one of the greatest handsets ever, and now is the right time to snap one up.

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