Web Design Blunders You Can’t Afford To Make


Your website’s design is one area where you simply can’t fall short. More and more people are taking to the web these days when they want to research products and services they’re interested in. A solidly designed web space can mean the difference between people using your business and your competitor’s, so here are some common mistakes you need to avoid. 

Going Too Far Against the Grain 

While you want your website to stand out, it can’t stray too far from standard design conventions. People are going to spend more time on websites other than yours by default. So if your website is too different from everyone else’s, it can become frustrating for your average visitor if your site doesn’t work in the way they expect it to, and they will go elsewhere.

Not Providing the Right Information

Your website visitors have a specific goal in mind when they come to your page. If you’re not offering the right information, they will go to another company’s website that does. Make sure your website has what you expect your users are looking for, such as price data or specific product feature listings.

Going On Your Own

If you can’t handle the design on your own, you need help from a service, such as edmontonweb.ca. A website with a poor design can make it difficult for users to navigate, which will defeat the purpose of having a space on the web that is supposed to benefit potential customers and increase your visibility.

Dropping the Mobile Ball 

Your website must be designed in a way that mobile users can use properly or you will miss out on a valuable demographic. If your design is too complex, you will need to have a separate website that is optimized for the mobile experience.

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