Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Would Be Advanced To Galaxy Note 4


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was the best of Samsung that brought something impressive for the Android fans, one of the worth mentioning innovation was the new S-pen integration and now same thing is set for the Galaxy Note 5, hopefully this phone would arrive by the September 2015. If you have used the S-pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you must know about its functionality for example the Image Clip allows easy trimming a screen object freehand and then isolating said object by default or by detecting the edges in the same way. Screen Writing takes a snapshot of the screen and lets you draw on it with the S Pen, crop a portion of the image, share the results with other contacts or social networks, or simply save it to the phone. Samsung has also included the application S Note, which lets you take notes quickly on the screen with the S Pen, navigate between notes and easily edit them without having to rewrite or redraw anything. In addition to drawing or writing with the S Pen, in a note can be inserted content from various sources such as fragments of voice, images, videos, graphs based on numbers, illustrations, clipboard contents, scrapbooks, maps and drawings of ideas. S Note can sync with Samsung account to see the notes on the PC or other mobile device. It could be called as innovative but still needs more and more improvement. And with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date you could actually think about these updates that would cause improvements.

Already in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has improved the application S Health dedicated to caring for our health, now in version 3.5. The application uses the pedometer that incorporates the Galaxy Note 4 for measuring our steps and also uses the heartbeat sensor to record our heart rate. The Galaxy Note 4 incorporates a heart rate sensor near the rear flash that works by placing your finger over it, illuminating a light for a few seconds and measuring changes caused by the circulation of blood to circulate. Since the measurement period is short (about eight seconds), we see much variability in the results despite careful when placing the finger correctly. Furthermore, it is only possible to measure the heart rate at rest but not during an exercise given the difficulty of supporting finger and hold it still for several seconds, making it useful lose this functionality. Actually this type of sensor seems more appropriate for incorporation into smart watches, but Samsung is committed to also include it in their phones. Also, other manufacturers are going to use the same sensor for example, in Apple iPhone 7 we would see this sensor.

If we talk about the other set of sensors in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you could expect to see retina scanner, better heart rate detector and barometer.

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