Pebblebee Comparison – It’s Smarter Than Others


New key finders get released all the time and Pebblebee stands out among the crowd. If you love your Alexa or Google Assistant enabled devices, then chances are you will also love this product.

Unless you decide on cheap, the key finders that use apps and blue tooth are all relatively the same price and while Tile is leading the way in consumer purchases, it’s the Pebblebee that I was most interested in. While they all look the same, they all have very unique capabilities. So what does each model do?


Listed as an item tracker and smart button, the Finder has a speaker and LED lights. It’s the only one not made of plastic and instead is made of surgical steel. The buttons’ used to find your phone and the phone is used to find your button. According to their website new features added ae triggered by a double press.

Its range is up to 200 feet and uses its Crowd search function via GPS.

Like others of this type, it will tell you if you left without your wallet or keys once you are out of range from that item and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Most importantly it can pair with Alexa or Google Assistant devices. “Alexa find my keys!’


Listed as an item tracker, this model also features a speaker which will alert you to whether you have left your kids teddy bear at the park once you’re out of range of up to 150 feet.

This one requires the app to run to work but also uses GPS to enable the Crowd search function.

It’s the cheapest of the 3 and made of plastic.

It’s suitable for iOS or Android devices.


Listed as a shortcut button with sensors, although also made of plastic it integrates with smart home features though not voice activated with Google Assistant or Alexa. Instead the button uses IFTTT to trigger house lights or open and close the garage.

It will tell you if you leave for work without your bag, once out of range of up to 150 feet but does not have GPS crowd search.

What it does have are motion and temperature sensors and you can set it to text or call with one push or snap a photo.

The App needs to be running for some shortcut buttons.

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