How To Overcome Signal Lost In Four Steps


So far, when viewed over the time, the network is one of developments related to mobile phone. Now, the 4G LTE signal is serving in many countries. The 4G LTE can transmit data up to 100MB / s and as its impact in 2015, more and more 4G-based smartphones released to the market. Along with the development of signal types, the most annoying problem faced is always weak signal or even signal lost. In this article, I will explain some causes of weak signal, and the most important how to overcome the probem. Android is the most popular operating system, that is why I focus on this OS (Operating System).

How to Overcome Signal Lost in Android

However, the problem is what if the signal on our Android mobile phone is suddenly disappear and how to solve it?

We have to know in advance what the cause of the following:

– signal is not available in your area

– your phone might be in error condition

– a mistake in mobile phone settings

– due to the rainy weather that makes the signal becoming weaker

– etc

How to overcome

Sign Into Flight Mode
The first step to address the missing signals in Android is by turning to flight mode and turning back to normal mode, or you can restart your smartphone.

Use mobile amplifier

Mobile amplifier is a tool helping you in strengthening signal reception. Mobile amplifiers are widely available on the market, and can be bought online. Mobile booster is the most leading mobile amplifier seller today.

Checking the SIM Card

Try to turn off your android smartphone and check whether your SIM card was inserted in the correct position.

Changing the Networking Reception Mode

Most smartphones have been equipped with 3 types of signals including 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. By adjusting with available signal on your area, you might be solving your problem.

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