How Does VPS Hosting Compare To Hosting Your Website On Your Own Local Server?


When you decide to launch your website online, you start looking at hosting options. The site needs to be stored on a hosting server to be accessible over the internet. You can either buy/rent a local server or purchase a web hosting plan. Whether you opt for a local server or a hosting service, it is important to note that there will be certain pros and cons. Web hosting services are available in a range of options like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc. In recent years, hosting with VPS Servers have evolved as a popular service with most websites trying to opt for them and leverage the benefits offered by server virtualization. 

Today, we will be comparing two hosting options available to you – buying/renting a local server and a VPS Hosting plan.

Comparing VPS Hosting and Local Hosting

A VPS Hosting service is offered by a hosting company by allowing you to store your website on a virtual server created by using virtualization techniques. Each virtual server has dedicated resources, account isolation, and full root access, making it similar to a Dedicated Server with certain restrictions.

On the other hand, hosting a website locally means setting up a web server at your own location from scratch. Hence, you are responsible for the hardware and software along with managing the infrastructure.

Here are some points of comparison:

Feature VPS Hosting Local Hosting
Cost VPS Hosting plans are highly cost-efficient since the infrastructure is owned by a hosting company that runs and manages it. You pay a small amount to rent a virtual server and host your website. This is the costliest form of web hosting since you have to spend on purchasing the webserver, infrastructure, place, and manpower required to run and manage the server efficiently.
Control Virtual Private Server Hosting has dedicated resources, account isolation, and complete root access that allows it to perform like a dedicated server at a lower cost. You have a lot of control over the hosting environment. However, since the physical server is shared, there are some restrictions on things that you can or cannot do. Since you own the server, you can make any changes as needed by your website. There are no restrictions whatsoever, and you have 100% control over the webserver. This ensures maximum customization options to you.
Turn-around times If you are facing a technical error, the speed of response will depend on the hosting company. Usually, the turn-around times for query resolution is slower than a local server. Since you own the server, you can resolve critical issues on priority, ensuring a lower impact on the availability of the website.


Summing Up

Remember, you must choose a web hosting solution based on the needs of your website. If you have a dedicated space that can be used as a server room, technical professionals in your organization to run and manage the site efficiently and need a Dedicated Server, then purchasing one might make sense. While you can always opt for a Dedicated Server Hosting plan, the choice boils down to how much control you desire over the server and your data. You can buy an affordable VPS Hosting plan if you are looking for cost-efficient hosting options. It is considered as a median between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting services. Choose wisely. Good Luck!

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