Four Job Ideas for People Interested In Technology


If you’re just about to start out in your career after graduating, you might be wondering which path to take. This is especially true for those who have a general interest in technology and took an IT degree; there are so many different jobs available as it is an ever-growing sector. It is worth having a good think about what you want to be doing in five years before you start applying for every opportunity you find as you’ll end up having a better targeted application, and more drive to join a certain company. To get the process started, here are a few job ideas for those of you who are interested in technology:

Smartphone App Developer

Smartphones and tablets are big business these days, so why don’t you get involved and become a developer for applications that are used on the devices? Many major brands now have their very own app, whether it is a game or a more practical programme. For example, banks allow customers to transfer money between accounts or to one of their friends; very handy when splitting a bill in a restaurant. Depending on your knowledge and experience, you should expect anything up from £22,000 when it comes to your starting salary.

IT Support Assistant

You’ll find that most offices in the UK require a small team of IT support staff to help keep everything running on track. This job requires a fair bit of patience as you’ll be dealing with issues that crop up with individual computers, as well as doing other duties like improving the network or making sure the server has enough storage. Have a look at this type of IT job on to read some specific job descriptions.

Web Designer

If you have a creative flair as well as a passion for technology, you might make an excellent candidate for a web designer. Perhaps the easiest place to find your first job in this field is with an agency as they will likely take you on as a junior designer. You’ll be working on all sorts of projects for your clients including websites, banners, brochures, and even the occasional logo. Have a look for agencies that operate in your area, and then get in touch and see whether they have any current vacancies that might be suited to you.

Testing Engineer

Perhaps you would be more interested in testing programmes and codes created by other members of your team. If that’s the case then you might want to look at the role of a testing engineer. The salary for a graduate who is just starting out should be offered at around £20,000, but you should soon have the skills to earn more. The sort of thing you’ll be required to do will include liaising with other team members, recording outcomes, identifying issues and risks, and more. It is a very important role as you will be ensuring that everything works before it is launched.

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