Buying a vacuum cleaner – What To Choose


The vacuum cleaner has become the worst enemy of dust. But what criteria should be checked before embarking on the purchase of a new machine? 60 Million gives you some ideas.


The wattage does not determine the effectiveness of the device. Model
1200 W, for example, with a good yield, by a motor, filters, gaskets and accessories optimized, has a power output of more than one unit of 1 600 W in poor performance.

For suction, air flow and vacuum (pressure difference between the outside and the tube) play a key role, as well as the suction head itself.

It is regrettable that the power output, the only really significant, is only rarely indicated. An energy label provides basic information on the model that exists for washing machine, for example, is considered. It would help to inform our choices.

Handling and Storage

The weight is important if you need to wear the device on the stairs or a suction height. Handle it before buying so as not to be surprised. Attention, the weight of the vacuum cleaner is not always dependent on the capacity of the bag or container. With or without a bag, some models are more compact and therefore easier to store, but not necessarily to handle.

Check the position of the on / off button (preferably handy foot) and the flow regulator (on the handle). For storage, the telescopic tubes for vacuum cleaners can gain height. As for the vacuum brushes, they are quite handy.

Head and accessories

A suction head poorly designed disrupts the flow of air and limits the efficiency of the apparatus, the less it is plated on the ground, the suction is less effective. It is therefore an element that is not an accessory, despite its name. Manufacturers generally deliver a suction head for hard floors and mixed carpet, crevice tool for fabrics, for a long baseboards and various special brushes, as the nozzle for pet hair brush or special furniture.

Consult the catalog of original accessories before choosing a vacuum cleaner because they are not always adaptable model to another. Check accessory storage system themselves, in the body of the apparatus on the tube or handle (less practical).


Decibels are not routinely indicated, therefore difficult to make a choice on this criterion, all it would take into account the mechanical noise (wheels, nozzle).

Bag or container?

Bagless is apparently practical and economical since it is unnecessary to go hunting bag to spare. But the dust does not disappear by magic: it is simply stored in the tank vacuum and must be regularly emptied into the trash. This tank must be cleaned, which can be painful. Prefer models that can store at least 2.5 liters of dirt in the bag or container.

Manufacturers without sac highlight the savings to use. According to the classification made by the association Topten consumption, housing and living conditions and the WWF (, it takes a budget June to October euros per year for bags and filters. Year after year, it ends up counting.

If you are very sensitive to dust, the bag seems preferable solution because you avoid the clouds of particles that emerge when draining the tank. Regular change bag when there is a condition of good suction.


Devices with bag are generally equipped with two filters: one placed between the bag and the motor, the other placed between the motor and the air outlet (protecting the motor). Need to be maintained regularly, washing or replacing them, under penalty of reduced efficiency.

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